Since ancient times the supremacy of breath has been established over all others organs and their functions. We master our bodies if we can control our breath. This philosophy is the core of Vinyasa yoga.


Vinyasa yoga is a creative yoga form in which breath coordinates the movement from one pose to another. Inhalation and exhalation link different poses. The breath harmonises and synchronises with a pose or with a transition from one pose to another. The transition movements between poses are as important as the posture itself and awareness about them can help prevent injuries. As the current posture prepares the practitioners for the next, the Vinyasa Yoga is also known as ‘Flow Yoga’.

 Hatha Vinyasa

We at Sattva Yoga and Massage Byron Bay offer a blend of Hatha Vinyasa yoga in Byron Bay. We focus not only of the breath but also on meditation.

Hatha yoga is characterized by a smooth transition between asanas. It teaches you to breathe correctly and strengthens the immune system. It increases flexibility and improves balance. Lastly, Hatha yoga strengthens muscles and bones and balances our nervous system.


Vinyasa yoga has no fixed sequence. Our teachers adjust the pace, style and intensity to match the need of the individual. The sequence may be easily be modified to focus on mobility or on strength or maybe both even in a single yoga class. 


The steady cycle of breathing has a calming effect and helps in maintaining mental focus. The continual movements help in generating internal heat and have cardiovascular benefits. 

The philosophical aspect of Hatha vinyasa yoga is also significant as it helps us in recognising the temporary nature of things. And in this fleeting world, it helps in recognising the things that are permanent through change.


Thus, Hatha Vinyasa yoga aims to control the vital life-breath and aims to connect all our actions to help us achieve our sacred yet individual goal in life. 


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash