Our health and wellness should be our number one priority.  However, in today’s fast-moving world, it has become almost imperative that we aim not just for a healthy and happy life but for overall wellness and wellbeing. To enjoy life to the fullest and to complete our duties & responsibilities we should all try to live our lives to its fullest potential.

At Sattva Yoga and Massage we aim to pass on this message to our students. The same message to all those who decide to book a massage session in Byron Bay with one of our massage therapists. Simply take a moment to yourself.


The stress and strain of our everyday life cause fatigue that affects our mental health. Also, social isolation and work-life imbalance may have a negative impact on our social & emotional fitness. A result can be spiritual dehydration due to insufficient self-care. The effect of these factors on our physical health may not be evident right away and in the strict medical terms, we may be considered healthy. However, we would not be living our life to the fullest potential. To tackle these psycho-socio-economic realities it becomes necessary that a continuous, multidimensional approach be adopted to live.  We need to live not just a healthy but fulfilling life.

Live a holistic life

This is where the concept of Wellness comes into play. From ancient eastern civilisations to the modern western medical science, the focus has been on holistic wellbeing. The centre of attention has been on a conscious, self-directed and evolving process to prevent illness and to prolong life. WHO and National Wellness Institute have identified wellness as an active process to achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Becoming aware and making choices towards successful existence helps in this sense.

Our character and behaviour along with the social, economic and physical environment are the main determinants of this process. Thus, our choices, habits and proactive efforts, irrespective of our age, sex & size, would help us live a life that is not just free of diseases or infirmity but a life with a holistic sense of wellness and fulfilment.

Commit to your wellbeing

Pain, suffering, fear, worries or failures are as much integral part of life as are happiness, joy, success. The only way we can counter their negative impact is by not allowing them to affect our commitment towards self-care and by continuously striving towards a healthy lifestyle. We all know that ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. 

Book a yoga class or a massage session by the beach in Byron Bay and start your path to wellness. We’d be happy to walk with you.