Let’s practice yoga in Byron Bay! Summer is here and it is time to flaunt the yogic poses and anulom vilom in Byron Bay!

After the first International Yoga Day in June 2015, India has kicked off the Yoga spree around the world. The breathing exercise and coordinated movements help you stay fit holistically. Not just this, an array of surprising benefits are linked with Yoga and if you are looking for a catalyst to join the yoga wagon, we give you not one, not two, but five!

Read on and hop aboard to experience the sheer brilliance that Yoga is.


Rushing to the office, never-ending commuting hours, deadlines and social responsibilities – our lifestyles are such that we are continuously living in stress these days knowingly and unknowingly. Living in constant stress can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. With Yoga asanas and meditation, you can relieve stress and calm yourself. Let’s be honest, your situation will more or less remain the same but you will handle it a lot better. If you are after a break, long weekend, short holidays or just a couple of days in Byron Bay, why not give it a try at our yoga studio in Byron Bay right in front of the beach!

Unlike other exercises or practices, Yoga doesn’t just affect you on a physical level. It changes the chemistry and the bond that you share with the Universe. It manages you holistically. Yoga makes you feel at peace. When you are at peace and your mind is clear, you learn to accept situations in a calmer way. A last-minute deadline won’t have an impact on your blood pressure or an altercation with your colleague won’t make your blood boil to an extent of self-destruction. You will definitely see the difference!

Improved immunity 

Another important improvement you can take back home is improved energy levels and mental clarity. If you tend to feel a little foggy in the head, have trouble paying attention or catch a cold too easily, it is time to visit our yoga studio in Byron Bay. Numerous studies have shown decreased levels of postoperative stress in breast cancer survivors after a Yoga practice, for example. Yoga heals from within and lets you take control of your body, which is how it should be.

Weight loss

The Yogic asanas and Pranayama help you form a better relationship with your food. While the asanas offer you flexibility, balance and a toned physique, the pranayama brings consciousness to your dietary habits since you start knowing your body better. You know when you are eating under duress and when you are really hungry or when to stop eating because you are full. No more mindlessness! Only mindful of joy! Our experienced yoga teachers in Byron Bay can help you and answer all your questions!


Yoga keeps the lymphatic system on its toes. This is why we at Sattva Yoga Byron Bay recommend you to stay hydrated before and after the session to flush out the toxins easily. One sweats a lot during Yoga, this opens pores and eliminates toxins. As a result, you feel clean inside out! The glowing skin and youthful charm are just an added advantage! 

Pain Management

All of us know at least one person who suffers from back pain. Lower back pain has become an epidemic in the younger, and not so young,  population. We work on our laptops, consume digital content and stay glued to our screens – without a care in the world about our body posture. As a result, we lose our flexibility and our muscles start giving up on us. Yoga puts the focus back on core strength and flexibility.  People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, back pain, and disc-related issues can find tremendous relief from pain and lead a better life. Our yoga classes are aimed to help you with this. If you are a yoga beginner then our yoga classes are perfect for you.

Be a fitter and happier version of yourself with Yoga! With the right mentor and consistent practice, you can upgrade your life and find the key to ultimate joy and healthy living!  Why not give it a try at our yoga studio in Byron Bay right in front of the beach? We are confident you’ll fall in love with yoga and will continue your path once you go back home!