Remedial Massage

This style helps you release and soften tense tissues. It is also a good technique to bring back elasticity to areas of your body that are stiff or injured. A remedial massage makes you more flexible by stimulating your blood supply to your joints. This, in turn, helps to repair damaged tissues.

Our expert therapists’ goal is to reach a perfect balance, tone, and tension of your muscles. By lengthening, stretching and massaging the massage helps restore the correct position of your bones and muscles. The massage session will also result in a good night’s sleep, mental clarity and alertness.

A remedial massage in Byron Bay is a treatment for your whole body. It involves smooth but strong movements as well as superficial and deep movements. The aim of this massage style is to stimulate blood flow to injured areas thus reducing pain, swelling and accelerating your body’s natural healing process. It also has a holistic approach. Our therapists will use information about your lifestyle, diet and exercise and apply their extensive knowledge in anatomy and therapies to give you a complete and thorough massage treatment.

Our remedial massage session in Byron Bay lasts between 30 and 90 minutes.