We all know the benefits of yoga for health and wellbeing. In addition to physical nature, such as reducing chronic pain or allowing you to sleep better, a regular yoga practice improves mood and reduces stress. We always repeat this to all the yogis, students, and clients visiting and practicing in our yoga studio in Byron Bay.


Yoga influences the brain in a positive and constructive way. You achieve this with regular and constant practice. It is not easy at first, we’ve all been yoga beginners’, but if you set your mind and energy to it you’ll realize the positive changes. 


“Yoga movements reduce stress and correct nervous system imbalances,” said lead researcher Dr. Chris Streeter, a professor of psychiatry at Boston University of Medicine. He and his team found an imbalance in the brain area when a person experiences stress. Balance disorders include low activity in the area of the brain called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Patients with epilepsy, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety also present GABA activity.

“Yoga increases the activity of GABA, thus decreasing the symptoms of stress,” he said. Although this research is still in the beginning, researchers hope that one day yoga can be fully integrated with medical treatments.

Yoga is directly related to mental health. Yoga helps children and adults to control anger and behavior.

Hatha and Slow Gentle Yoga Styles

Sattva Yoga & Massage Byron Bay offers Hatha and Slow Gentle yoga every day from Monday to Saturday. These yoga styles, with their relaxing asanas, help reduce stress. They are ideal if you are exhausted, after a stressful day at work, going through a difficult time or simply enjoying your holidays in Byron Bay.

Hatha Yoga and Slow Gentle styles are also perfect for beginners’ yoga. You can relax and calm your body and mind.


Our yoga teachers will guide you and help you achieve the best your body can do. Each of us is unique in our own nature and we all de-stress ourselves in different ways. Our teachers will show you being aware of your own body. Good elasticity is not necessary. However, with the constant practice of yoga, we know that you can achieve delicate and harmonious movements.

Photo by John Peters on Unsplash