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Yoga Teacher

Cyntia started her yoga journey 15 years ago and for her, this was the beginning of a new world opening up. In her experience, the practice of yoga was healing and transformative for her whole being… body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Cyntia felt that yoga was so positive and beneficial for her that after a couple of years of practicing and experiencing different styles (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Kundalini), she commenced a yoga teacher training course in Hatha Yoga, which she completed in 2004. Teaching yoga became Cynthia’s passion and she felt inspired to travel to India to learn from other teachers and to deepen her understanding. As a yoga teacher, she now has more than 10 years of experience and has taught students of all ages and levels of experience. In her classes, Cyntia ensures that each student is taken care of and encouraged to bring humility to their practice and to bring awareness and connection between breathing, asanas, and movement. Every class is unique and enjoyable. Cyntia is also trained as a physical education teacher and is currently studying classical Ayurveda Therapy.

Stefanie K.
Yoga Teacher

Stefanie is a dedicated student and practitioner living yoga passionately on and off the mat. She teaches Hatha vinyasa classes where she guides students through dynamic functional movements and static holds focusing on breath, to allow for more space in body, mind and practice, and to connect inward.

In 2013, She started practising for the first time, which changed her lifestyle and interests. After having practised for several years with different teachers around the world, she was eager to integrate yoga further into her everyday life and spiritual practise and assist others with their yoga journey. She completed her first 800hr teacher training at the Byron Yoga Centre in 2017 under the guidance of her teacher Bec Isaacs, she has been teaching since then. She is still exploring and deepening her understanding and practise of yoga by furthering her yogic learning. She currently studies Tantric Hatha Yoga with Brad Hay and subtle practices of yoga with Rose Baudin and Bess Prescott.

Yoga Teacher

Immerse with Javi in the path of good vibes and reset. Her journey through the practice of yoga starts the year 2011 and has taken her around the globe learning different yoga styles; Traditional Hatha, modern Vinyasa and Restorative yoga are part of her journey. Her practice is strong and kind, her teaching is gentle and wise. In her classes, there will be lifted up for the spirit in the challenge in movement. Always, from a safe and open space where there isn’t expectations. Every class will explore asana - poses, philosophy, meditation and breathing exercises.

Raissa Z.
Yoga Teacher

I’m Raissa, an eternal learner, yoga, and meditation instructor. Spirituality has been present in my life since a very young age, but I started teaching yoga in 2014, after my first teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa. Yoga allowed me to align with my purpose in life and manifest my best contribution to the world. It awakened my creative writing process in such a powerful way. Since then, words originate everything that I share. As my guided meditations, yoga lessons, and scripts for my YouTube Channel. I believe yoga awakens the full potential and the uniqueness that lives inside each one of us. It reconnects us with nature, my eternal source of inspiration. In my classes, the energy of the elements is awakened in the body through a gentle, dynamic, and sometimes vigorous flow. Self-knowledge, as an endless journey, has brought me to study and experience so many different courses, such as Krya and Tantra Yoga, Coach, Reiki, Vipassana, Yoga’s Anatomy, Iyengar. Traveling to sacred places such as Hawaii, India, many places in Brazil, and now Australia had expanded my connection with a higher force that had been guiding me. I’ll be honored to share with you some of my learnings and inspirations.

Tali Merrick
Yoga Teacher
Born into a family with Gypsy ancestry, Tali has nomadic blood.
Having traveled extensively throughout her late teens and 20’s, she became particularly drawn to, and deeply inspired by the ancient land of India.
Tali was immediately seduced by the ritualistic and devotional element of the culture, inspiring her to begin her formal studies of Ayurveda in 2008.
In 2012, Tali completed her first RYT 200 training in India and was further initiated into learning about the Ancient texts, Yogic lineages, and ritualistic practices of the East.
Following on-going travels to and from India, Tali spent the following 9 years deepening her knowledge and understanding; particularly in the areas of Yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, and Traditional lineage-based Tantra.
Tali has completed trainings with Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton, Octavio Salvado, Lauren Lee, Brad Hay, Halo Seronko, Dr. S. Ajit, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Myra Lewin, etc and continues to study weekly with her beloved teacher, Rose Baudin.
Tali facilitates theme-based slow flow classes, that are deeply inspired by feminine movements, Mantra, Meditation, Philosophy, and ritual.
Her innate ability to create beauty is threaded through all that she offers out into the world, including her teaching, photography, and her lifestyle brand, SŪTRA. I: @tali.jhara