Diseases are the physical manifestations of the imbalances in the body or so many people around the world believe. According to Ayurveda, this imbalance arises when the equilibrium among the five elements (Fire, Water, Air Earth and Space or Ether) is disturbed. The ancient Indian practice of Yoga is a mind and body exercise to bring balance to these elements and thus help us prevent diseases.

Here at Sattva Yoga & Massage Byron Bay we do our best to focus on the prime purpose of Yoga:  to bring the focus inwards. We accomplish this self-realisation by managing the flow of energy, also known as ‘Prana’, in the body. We help you know your body and your reactions. How far you can go and how your body and mind can help you achieve your goals. 

While we all know the asanas and the breathing exercises, the Yogic Mudras are also potent. Yet, they are a lesser-known way of improving health and well-being.

Five  Elements

The five elements have a very specific function in the body and are linked to the movement or position of the body. Thus, we can regulate, redirect and balance the flow of energy through the careful and regular practice of certain gestures. This is what the Yogic mudras help us with.

The literal translation of Mudras is “gesture”. Different gestures create different patterns in the brain and thus, have different effects on the body.

Knowledge about these Mudras can help in achieving deeper meditations and more fruitful breathing exercises. They can also help in more profound concentrations and bring positivity & composure in life.

Yogic Mudras

The Mudras can be classified as Hasta Mudra or Hand Gestures, Mana Mudra or Head Gestures, Kaya Mudra or Postural Gestures, Bandha Mudra or Lock Gestures and Adhara Mudra or Perineal Gestures. Among these, the Hasta Mudras are more prevalently seen and known. We associate Dhyana Mudra with Gautam Buddha and the Rudra Mudra with Lord Shiva. Some of the well-know Hasta Mudras are Surya Mudra, Gyan Mudra and Prana Mudra.

In a nutshell, Yogic Mudras are an independent branch of Yoga. We can combine them with the asanas and Pranayam to achieve better, effective and desirable results.